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China National Chemical Engineering No. 14 Construction Co., Ltd. (CNCEC No. 14) was established in 1966, formerly named as 00811 Group of Chinese Liberation Army for capital construction. It was the only professional force engaged in petrochemical construction and was once granted the order of commendation by the State Council. It is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd, which is directly under the supervision of SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) of the State Council. The headquarter is located in Nanjing, a six dynasties ancient capital in Jiangsu Province. CNCEC No. 14 possesses many qualifications including the General Contracting Grade A for Construction Engineering, the General Contraction Grade A for Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Construction, the General Contracting Grade A for Municipal Utilities Engineering Construction, the General Contracting Grade A for Mechanics & Electricity Installation; as well as professional qualifications for steel structure engineering, piping engineering, fire facilities engineering, environmental engineering and engineering maintenance, etc. It have the direct business right for overseas. The company now has been evaluated as “National High and New Technology Enterprise and is recognized by Nanjing People's Government as "Nanjing Headquarters Enterprise".

CNCEC No. 14 has 3196 staffs, of which are 213 project managers, 99 state First-class registered construction engineers, 114 state Second-class registered construction engineers, 23 state registered safety engineers, 28 state registered cost engineers, 10 professor level engineers, 160 senior engineers, and the professionals who have all kinds of certificates are 715. The company has 15 functional departments as well as No.1 Engineering Company, No.2 Engineering Company, Municipal Construction Engineering Company, Nanjing Mechanical Plant, Jiangsu Runju Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Jinxin Inspection & Testing Co., Property Management Company. In addition, CNCEC No. 14 has many regional companies in Shanghai City, Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province, Liaoning Province, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Nei Monggol Autonomous Region,` Sichuan Province, Qinghai Province, Shandong Province,Ningxia Autonomous Region and so on. CNCEC No. 14 has its overseas subsidiaries/offices in Indonesia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Iran, Bangladesh and so on.

CNCEC No. 14 enjoys a variety kinds of intellectual rights. Presently, we own 90 patents -- 14 invention patents and 76 innovation patents; 41 construction methods patents -- 3 state-level, 35 ministerial level and 3 provincial level.Two National Industry Standards compiled and established in 2011 by CNCEC No. 14: HG 20205 Specifications for Construction and Acceptance of Chemical Installation Projects -- Centrifugal Compressors and HG 20206 Specifications for Construction and Acceptance of Chemical Machinery Installation Project -- Small and Medium-sized Piston Air Compressors. Both of them have been approved for implementation nationwide.

As a large comprehensive engineering enterprise directly under the central government, our business covers various areas as coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, salt chemical industry, fine chemical industry, fluorine chemical industry, organic silicon and polycrystalline silicon, storage, LNG, tyre, pharmaceuticals, food, electric power, municipal construction. We have established our distinctive competitive edge in coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, LNG & CNG, crude oil and low temperature storage and municipal construction. With regard to project contracting modes, our company has developed from the single general contracting mode into skillfully running our programs in different codes such as EPC, PC, BT, BOT and PPP mode. In response to the national “The Belt and Road Initiative”, we continue to develop foreign markets. We have built a number of petrochemical and infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries successively.

Through more than 50 years of development, we have completed over 1,500 large and medium-sized projects and won more than 200 awards and prizes, such as “The Order of Commendation of the State Council”, “Luban Prize”, “National One Hundred Classic and High-quality Projects Award”, “National High-quality Project Gold Award”, “National High-quality Project Silver Award”, “National Excellent Welding Project Award”, “National Excellent Hoisting Project Award”, “Chemical Industry High-quality Project Award” and “Chemical Industry High-quality Overseas Project Award”. We also has won such honors as “The National Advanced Construction Enterprise”, “National Excellent Construction Enterprise”, “National Client-Satisfied Construction Enterprise”, “National Construction Industry High-integrity Enterprise”, “National Construction Industry AAA Credible Enterprise”, “National Engineering Construction Quality Management Excellent Enterprise”, “Excellent Enterprise in National Chemical Engineering Construction”, “Famous Construction Contractor in Jiangsu Province”, “Excellent Enterprise for Installation in Jiangsu Province”, “Civilization unit in Nanjing” and “Labor Day” Medal of Jiangsu Province in 2017. The company has been awarded as the "contract and trustworthy" enterprise in Nanjing city for 31 consecutive years, and is also a trustworthy enterprise in Jiangsu province. And the company has obtained professional credit rating AAA credit rating for 21 consecutive years.

It is our vision to build our company not only into a top-notch engineering group in the industry but also a cross-industry engineering group to provide our clients with a full range of comprehensive professional services.

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