Social Responsibility

The company always keeps highly political consciousness, responsibility consciousness and overall awareness.  In addition, we are actively committed to the social public undertakings, and are being brave to undertake the social responsibilities of central enterprise. Amid the emergent, difficult, dangerous & heavy tasks and great challengers such as Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake, Yaan Earthquake and others, the employees are able to keep pioneering and have made donations of money to the disaster area for many times. Besides, we actively develop voluntary blood donation, obligatory Tree-planting, subsidize the children in need in the society and other volunteer activities, and raise money to help to solve the issues regarding the treatment of demobilized army cadres, which fully shows true feeling and heartfelt love in serving the society. Actively responding to the national poverty-eradication storming fortifications, we went to the Huachi Town, Gansu Province as poverty alleviation county designated by CNCEC, deeply understands its conditions and carry out the activities such as the training for cadres about the military education base, party establishment and poverty alleviation, one- to- one twining for helping and supporting, specialty agriculture products procuring, inputting to poverty alleviation industry, human resources recruitment and others in order to eradicate the poverty as soon as possible.

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