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The Bike Experience

The Bike Experience

The Bike Experience is a registered charity (registration number 1145547). It was set up as a trust by Talan Skeels-Piggins in April 2011 and gained official charity status on 19th January 2012.   The charity does not charge any of the participants to attend the day’s training, the reasoning is that many disabled people are living without disposable income and would therefore not be able to take part if a fee were imposed.  This decision has meant that everyone has access to this life-changing opportunity.

Level 1 teaches the riders how to use the adapted machine, with slow speed work on a closed-off section of the circuit. This is normally followed by Level 2 after a short break.

Level 2 riders take part in track work and the session is spent working on learning the racing line around the circuit, ensuring correct gearing is selected and pressing on to a quick pace.

Level 3 is also a track session focusing on one-on-one tuition with the riders, concentrating on any issues they may have and working towards full confidence in taking part in track days.

Our three core values are:

Freedom – Giving back the feelings of independence through riding a motorcycle, thereby empowering individuals with the right of choice and equality, so that they can experience the passion and emotions that riding brings.

Achievement Showing people that you can achieve great things when you believe you can, that you have a huge resource of power, courage and bravery inside you, to make the impossible into the possible and improve self-confidence.

Evolution Bringing together able-bodied and disabled people so that the established boundaries are broken down and myths of disability are deconstructed on both sides, allowing everyone to ride together, side by side.

Whilst the charity operates within the surrounds of a race circuit, there is always a reminder to the clients that the experience is not a race day but merely the use of a closed road, which allows for maximum safety.

The charity is always looking for new venues to operate from, so as to reach more riders.

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